International Academy of Arts Permanent Summer Programs
(for groups only)

Our International Summer Programs present a unique opportunity to our students of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life - to combine education and knowledge, with vacation and travel. We offer, truly one of a kind adventures, catering to a number of interests: all forms of fine arts, theater, acting, culture, eco-tourism, culinary arts, literature, creative writing, history, archeology, art history, music, languages and much more. All International Summer Programs are taught by the top celebrities in a given field, whose name and professionalism speaks for itself. The International Summer programs are for groups only, the minimal group must consist of at least 5 people, while maximum is 20. Please review the list of International Summer Programs below, visit their pages and feel free to Contact Us to Sign Up.

International Summer Program in Greece, Island of Milos:
Art History, General History, Fine Arts & Culture

International Summer Program in Luxor, Egypt - Live Archeological Excavation Dig

Robert Graves International Summer Program in Literary Appreciation,
Creative Writing & Languages – Deia, Mallorca, Spain

International Summer Program in Vocal, Music & Theater
(Paris, Rome, Florence, Nice, Athens)

Ecological, Cultural and Environmental International Summer Program
“The Poetry & the Music of the Nature” – Deia, Mallorca, Spain

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