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The Charitable Program of the International Academy of Arts was founded by the president and founder of the Academy – Christina Katrakis. The Charitable Program is a part of the “It’s a Small World” Philanthropic & Cultural Foundation, which supports talented kids and youth with no means world-wide, and builds cultural bridges between countries and continents. Academy sets charitable projects internationally, raising money for the kids, letting our students become active participants and volunteers: working directly with the kids in need, doing numerous classes of much needed art therapy for kids and youth, and supplying the kids with necessary things, medicine, as well as various art materials, - so that they may create and heal, so that their voice may be heard.

In the walls of the Academy in Munich, Germany and in its international branches, we set programs of free art therapy and art classes, taught by the top professors of the academy – offering a unique chance for the talented orphans, traumatized children, children with no means and children in need – to learn from the best and to grow, develop and become a professional, all free of charge.

The founder of the Academy’s Charitable Project – Christina Katrakis is a renown international philanthropist and cultural leader. In 2011, Katrakis won the award of UN in the field of Culture “Freedom to Create World Prize”, and became an ambassador of good will in the field of culture for the UN world-wide. Moreover, Katrakis’ devotion to help those in need, those with talents and aspirations but no means, is deeply personal, as she states herself:

“In my travels I have been fortunate to visit places and to meet people that have changed me forever. Many of these people are children touched by tragedy despair, children who have lost their parents, their homes, and their hopes.

As a child-survivor of the Chernobyl disaster and the horrors of war (Georgia-Abkhazia war), I have experienced the loss of people and things dear to me. I understand how traumatized children need to confront their ordeals and thus move on with their lives. One of the most effective ways for children to express their feelings is through art.

The recent loss of my only child prompted me to act. With the help of friends, I have established the Give a Voice to Children Foundation. Its mission is to help these children to overcome their inner sorrows and despair. With the generous support from people like you, we have started delivering art kits to children who have experienced trauma from natural disasters, wars and abandonment. Each kit includes the basic tools needed to create wonderful pieces of art, along with books, educational materials and sweets. In return children submit their artworks, to be displayed in the Academy, art centers, galleries, children’s hospitals and schools, to inspire and give comfort to others.

We continue to build up the Foundation and develop new philanthropic programs, such as the “World Tracker Program” for the students of the academy to participate in, and help those in need, via numerous creative fund raisers, art therapy classes and international philanthropic mission trips. If you would like to assist in our efforts or make financial contribution, please contact us for more information.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Christina Katrakis

Photos from the road:

"It's a Small World Foundation" Cultural Bridges Project in Berlin, Germany 2016. Presenting Polish artists in Germany as part of the "Cultural Bridges" project of the Foundation.

Illusion of money

Photos from instalation:

Financial report of the project

"The Festival of Hearts", Weijerowie, Gdansk, Poland 2016

"Its a Small World" Foundation had an honor of helping International Charitable Organization "Caritas" to raise money for the special kids in need during the charitable auction in the Cathedral of Our Lord Christ in Weijerowie, Gdansk, Poland. The foundation presented paintings by renown Polish artists (all members of the "Its a Small World " Foundation) which were generously donated to this honorable fundraiser. It was an honor to work together with the Polish office of "Caritas Charitable Organization" on this amazing project of hope, help and love for the kids in need!

Photos from festival:

Financial report of the project

Sprawozdanie finansowe wiat Jest May

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