Professor Christina Katrakis

Professor Christina Katrakis – Katrakis holds MA, BA, BFA and MFA in studio arts, fine arts and art history. She studied in Sorbonne, Paris, France, Lorenzo di Medici, Florence, Italy, Kyiv National Art Academy (historical branch of the renown St. Petersburg Academy of Arts) and completed her degree and thesis in the USA, The University of Memphis. In 2011 Katrakis won the award of UN in the field of Culture “Freedom to Create World Prize”, and became an ambassador of good will in the field of culture for the UN. She held a number of curatorial positions in the museums, galleries and cultural foundations world-wide. Christina Katrakis leads the program of all base-core courses in the Academy’s permanent location in Munich, Germany: art appreciation, career management I & II, studio arts I & II, advanced studio art (drawing, painting, composition), design appreciation, photography appreciation, theater appreciation, music appreciation, dance appreciation, cinematography I, world art history I & II, ancient history & archeology I, world culture, world literature I, language & speech I & II.

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Classes Taught: Art Appreciation, Career Management I & II, Studio Arts I & II, Advanced Studio Art (Drawing, Painting, Composition), Design Appreciation, Photography Appreciation, Theater Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Dance Appreciation, Cinematography I, World Art History I & II, Ancient History & Archeology I, World Culture, World Literature I, Language & Speech I & II


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